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Don Jessop

Not all horse trainers are full of themselves, but why do some horse trainers act like they know everything and everyone else does it wrong? I have my ideas, but I want to hear yours?

For one, I think some people are genuinely insecure and project arrogant behavior to seem more secure or show bravado. I also think that, on a technical level, being a horse trainer requires a level of certainty and control just to stay safe, and that could also play into some personality aspects. I think the biggest issue is a closed mind to new ideas. I think some people can't see past their own way of doing things. I personally know that if you use a different halter from me, it's okay. I also know that if you think paint horses are smarter than Arabian horses, it's also okay. But not everyone shares my open mindedness.

I think it's unfortunate that we can't all see that these differences like choice in breed or technique or tools are just minor details in personal preference, that don't truly matter. What really matters is that we agree on important issues. For instance, we need to all agree that horses need a special kind of leader. Someone who cares deeply and responds to tough situations with clarity and certainty. Horses need someone who's willing to look at things from multiple points of view to help give them the best experience possible.

I wish we could see past our minor differences in equipment choices, breed, and even techniques and look to finding similarities in the way we connect and bond, and lead our horses to the next level with class and integrity. I'd love to hear your opinion.

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