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Don Jessop

I know the feeling. You have too many irons in the fire, so riding takes a back seat. Well... I've got the remedy.

Here's the remedy, and don't hate me for being so blunt... STOP COMPLAINING.

Yep. Just stop saying all the stuff you say about how you "don't have time or money or energy or whatever." Here's the thing... what comes out of your mouth is the printout of your thoughts and by ceasing to talk about negative outcomes, you can literally jam up the printer, so the thoughts don't come out and your brain starts looking for new ways to communicate with the world.

Think of it like this, energy flows, or... it builds. Stopping the negative self talk and constant expression about what you "don't have," builds up energy in you. It has to go somewhere. Here's the trick, you let it go somewhere, but somewhere you consciously choose, instead of accidentally react to. Choose better speech. Make a deal with yourself to allow progressive and supportive speech patterns out the printer and let all the other stuff keep jamming it up. This way, your subconscious learns that the only way to have energy flow is to be positive. To express faith, to embrace gratitude.

The phrase, "I don't have time," will forever jam up the printer, and stop before it exits your mouth. In it's place, a new phrase will replace it. "I have all the time I need."

So, what if you don't believe it.

So, what if it feels fake.

Everything feels awkward at first. Even the truth.

Think about the first time you realized you can swim. Up to that point you didn't know you could, but you kept working at it. It was awkward, ugly, and in comparison, to Michael Phelps, pathetic and nothing like swimming. Yet, you persevered anyway. You didn't allow failure forever and you didn't go around telling everyone you can't swim.

In case you did go around telling everyone, one of two things happened. You either still believe you can't, or you stopped saying that and started the journey without carrying that negativity with you.

That's the whole point.

Stop carrying around the negative self talk. It strips away your potential for time, energy, peace, happiness, prosperity, everything.

So here's the challenge. This week, jam up the printer. Consciously stop saying you "can't or don't have time." As the need to speak builds, allow a new, better version of truth through your lips. Something like, "I can make time."

I'm not telling you to ride this week, I'm telling you to open the door to a better, healthier, you. And in the near future, guess what? You won't be loaded down with negativity and "busy-ness" and you'll instinctively move toward your amazing vision of a productive life. And... not just maybe, but absolutely, you will have time to ride.

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PS. In case you're using the phrase I don't have time as an excuse not to do something, it's time to get real. You're afraid of something. Deny it if you wish, you're not fooling anyone. Regardless, the remedy is the same. Fear is overcome by focus and truth. Rewrite your speech patterns to be positive and proactive rather than reactive. It will change your whole world.

If you need help with your time or fear. Sign up here for a free strategy session. Don

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