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The world goes on spinning whether you engage in your favorite activities or not so get your butt out there and go see your horse. I'll give you three reasons why you should do that right now!

1. Calm down! Your life is overwhelming enough as it is, being with your horse can ground you. Horses bring you back to nature, even if you don't ride, even if all you do is pet your horse and brush his/her tail, you will feel better inside!

2. Horses are fun! I'm not just talking about riding. Horses can be extremely fun to play with on the ground. Turn your horse loose in the arena and watch him play or better yet, go play with him. Watch this video of extreme horse/human play and be careful if you're going to engage at this level.

Most of us should be a little more careful than this but you get the picture of what I'm talking about. Playing with horses is fun.

3. If you want... horses will help you grow! Want to be a better leader? Want to gain the trust and respect of the people around you? Guess what... horses will teach you the skills to do just that. When you ask your horse to do something you don't know how to do, you learn how to do it. Your horse gives you feedback and you learn how to deal with that feedback. Every task you accomplish proves your skills are growing. My Mastery Program teaches you dozens of tasks that take you higher and higher in your leadership skills. 

For now... try a few fun/challenging tasks like these:

Ask your horse to come to you on command:

There are many ways to accomplish this task, but the simplest way is to halter your horse, ask him to stand at the end of the lead rope, then call his name. Wait 3 seconds then slowly pull on the rope till he gets to you. When he arrives, give him a treat or scratch to reward him then repeat the process until you no longer have to pull on the lead rope. When you've got it close, get a longer rope and try again. Eventually, you won't even need a rope at all. Have fun, open your mind, and grow your leadership.

Ask your horse to stand on a tarp or pedestal or bridge or something similar:

Take your time and reward your horse often in the process of stepping onto objects. Eventually, with your kind, good-natured leadership you will find a way to communicate that all four feet should stand up on the mark. It will be challenging but fun too. Once you've accomplished it you will feel like a million dollars.

Ask your horse to walk backward through a figure 8 on the ground or riding:

Simply ask and reward each step by pushing on the halter or pulling on the reins. REWARD EACH STEP and find yourself having lots of fun making minor corrections.

Comment below to tell me that you actually intend to see your horse ASAP and share this article with the people you know should spend more time with their horse too. Thanks again and see you soon. Don Jessop

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