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Thanks to Robert Redford, Monty Roberts, Tom Dorrance, Pat Parelli, Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt, and many other wonderful horse trainers. The word "horse whisperer," became a recognizable term among everyday people.

As time passes, the world is becoming more enlightened to the value of natural and reward oriented training styles. The word "horse whisperer," invites a new way of thinking. Using natural techniques, is fast becoming what many would say, "the only way to train horses in our modern world." Take a look at my Beginners Guide to Natural Horsemanship to get started.

I'm not saying people have to connect with one of the above mentioned names. There are many wonderful horse trainers out there that care deeply about the horse's experience. People from all parts of the industry, including competition and backyard trainers.

In fact there are new, young, and talented people that I want you to meet. Young men that have the potential to become the 'New Horse Whisperers' in our world and carry us into this new age. Their talent and desire is unmatched, unique, and beautiful beyond words.

I want you to meet a handful of these young men that care so deeply about the horses experience. When you meet them I want you to deliver for them. And by that I mean open your hearts and your wallets.

Why? Because they're orphans. And with you're help they could become the next Pat Parelli or Tom Dorrance. See one video below and many more on their site,

They pick up their skills from their guide. A master trainer, herself Inge Larsson Smith and her husband Richard. Then... of their own accord, they do unimaginable things with regular horse's from the backyard world of Brazil.

Watch this video to see what I see. Thanks Don

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