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Don Jessop

You bought a horse, you designated a riding area, and researched for hours on what the best saddle and tack is for you and your horse, and now you sit at the window and wonder why you don't ever have time to ride your horse.

Life gets busy, but don't fool yourself. It's not that you don't have time to ride, it's that riding isn't a priority. Playing with your horse is on the back burner while the rest of life takes over. This is normal for most horse owners. But maybe normal isn't what you want. Maybe what you want is what those friends of yours have. The ones that actually live and achieve their dreams with horses. The friends that are riding off into the sunset or practicing their arena patterns each day. Maybe what you want, you think you can't have, because you don't have enough time. But maybe, just maybe, time isn't the issue at all.

The real issue is usually energy. At the end of a long day, riding your horse in the hot arena sand seems about as fun as going to the beach, only the ocean dried up, so there is no water to swim in. At the beginning of the day, when your energy is highest, you have to use that energy to get the important things done. Things that pay for your horses and property. You can't win.

The bottom line, however, is still an energy issue. And that leads to the question of how to get more energy.

In my experience, energy is chemical, mental, and physical. In that order. What that means is your body might not be producing the right chemistry to give you a long lasting, high output battery cycle. I recognized this early in my career and started to supplement with the right vitamins and minerals for me. Avoiding sugar, flour, and dairy also helps. And that brings us back to the priorities. Would you rather eat sugar at noon, or ride your horse in the evening. You can't do both. The sugar might rob your body of its energy. Of course, lots of people eat garbage and keep going all day. But are you among that crowd? Or does your body react poorly to a poor diet? Your biochemistry is important to your energy. Make it a priority and notice how much better you feel.

Next is the mental side of energy. We've already stated, you need a high-output, alkaline battery source to power yourself to go after the things you want, but lots of people literally lack the inspiration to do anything at all. And sometimes it's fear that holds you back. Inspiration is critically important. When was the last time you watched your favorite horsey movie? You should watch it again. When was the last time you booked a lesson with a riding instructor? You should book another one today. If you aren't constantly opening your eyes to what's possible and letting someone help you break through confidence issues, you won't find yourself taking your saddle off the shelf anytime soon. You have to book in time. You have to be accountable, and most of all... you have to be connected to something that truly inspires you, like our Horse Mastery Group. Inspiration is motivation.

Last is the physical side of energy. This only comes from doing something. When you do things, you get stronger, when you sit on the couch, you get weaker. After a two week lag time, where everyone's physical energy struggles at first, you will notice a spike in your endurance. You'll notice you can do more because your body has more to give. Physical energy is fantastic to have. I can go longer than most people I know, day by day, out in the sun, but why is that? It's certainly because I have better chemistry... Chemistry that I support consciously. It's certainly because I have tons of desire. More than most, because I consciously support that desire with videos, instruction, and learning. But it's also in part due to the muscle stamina inside me. I'm no elite warrior, but I have tons of stamina compared to most horse enthusiasts. This has nothing to do with my age either. I've met folks older than me who can go for longer than me. This is because the body is conditioned for it. Is your body conditioned to do long hard days and still get in the saddle at the end of the day?

If you don't have that kind of stamina, just know that you can get it. But to get it you have to do things when you don't want to do them so the muscles build and the endurance grows. But to do things you want to do when you don't want to do it requires tons of desire. Do you have tons of desire? Do you need more? Join the Horse Mastery Group and get desire by the bucket loads. And come full circle now to find the resources to even be conscious about all these things, you need better chemistry. Drink more water, take some B-12 vitamins, do the simple things often and start noticing the shifts in your energy within a few days, sometimes within just hours.

In conclusion... stop blaming time and start gaining the energy you need to ride off into the sunset like you and your horse deserve!

May the horse be with you and you with the horse.

Thanks for reading, comment below, and be sure to share with your friends.

PS. This is a fun, short video we made recently to spark a little fun and inspiration.


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