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On the road to mastery, there are a couple of interesting tools you pick up along the way. One of those tools is the option to enhance your ability to remember details simply by writing them down.

If you hear something good. Write it down. If you don't write it down your ability to recall it later is dramatically reduced.

Get in the habit of writing notes, and in case your not sure what to start with, write this down... "make more notes."
It's amazing how often I wake up in the middle of the night with something outstanding at the top of my mind, only to fail to get up and take notes and completely forget it the next day. If only I'd written down what I was thinking...!
I record audio from time to time but I find the written words are more powerful to help me remember the full detail, and it's easier to read a short note than to listen to an audio app, to spur on the idea toward something useful.
As a published author, I can tell you that every single book, chapter title, and manual I've every written started on a sticky note, napkin or text on my phone.
Action, toward desired outcomes in life, first start in the mind as a thought. But physical activity most often starts with a pen and paper. It's the most effective, easiest, first step.
Say you want to start a diet, or fix a relationship, or learn a new skill. Guess how you start? Write down the stuff in your mind. Write down the things you learn. Write down your thoughts because the motion of your hand is the first motion of your body toward producing the full outcome.
I meet people all the time that refuse to write down their thoughts and desires. I even hear them say how they don't have time to do that. Then I see the fruits of their life and it's all chaos. Everything is scattered to the wind, no organization. I've met a few people who can hold thoughts in their mind long enough to begin producing results. But these people are few and far between. And if you asked them whether or not they write notes, they'd say they don't need to because they simply fail to forget and feel compelled to act on their goals and desires.
So, I'm not saying you have to write notes, I'm saying it's a fantastic tool. One that has helped me achieve my desires.
To help my fellow enthusiasts, I've created a prepared journal to keep your thoughts in one place. If you don't buy it now, make a note to buy it later. ha ha. Recording your thoughts, as it turns out, is the only way to keep them, organize them, and turn them into desired outcomes.
Don't wait to start using the written word to change your life. 

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