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Nothing left to give.

Don Jessop

It's a dark feeling when you don't have energy because you feel like all the people, and animals, and life itself, are all asking something from you. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed, but I have learned a new truth. I've learned how important perspective is. I've learned how valuable words are. I've learned that habits aren't just physical things. They are also mental, and even emotional. We have emotional habits and perspective habits. In other words, if you feel like you've got nothing left to give, you've got an interesting habit about words and perspective and emotion. It's possible that you are depleted by the people around you that need you, but to say you have nothing left to give, is an indication about a deeper truth. That truth is that you're stuck in a loop around what's taken from you rather than what's given. 

A few years ago, my older brother came to me and told me how much tension he was feeling at work because he could feel the gap between where he wanted to be and where he was in his career, life, relationships, etc. He felt so much lack. He felt so depressed. He wasn't lying. The feeling is real. And when you look from the outside, you can see something fascinating. He had developed a pattern of looking at what was missing rather than what he had going for him. Gratefully, he checked it. He reoriented his focus. He didn't change jobs, he didn't move to a new state, he just started re-patterning his perspective. 

So... did he have "nothing" left to give? Truth... He had plenty left. It's true, we need rest. It's true, we need to make shifts in our logistics in life from time to time. It's true, we need to learn to say no and set boundaries. It's also true, we are capable of so much more than we ever imagine and part of that truth is only manifest in the habit of words, emotion, and perspective. 

Here are a few of my favorite word phrases to avoid and a few worth adopting, because I'd love to help people shift from "lack to lucky," from "scarcity to abundance," from "scared, or depressed, to grateful," from "powerless to powerful!"

Phrases to avoid: 
"I don't have time!"
"I'm super busy!" or "I've been too busy!"
"I can't, I suck at this, I'll never get this!"
"It's all to hard."
"People take from me!"
"I have nothing left to give!"

Phrases to adopt:
"I have all the time in the world!"
"I'm never to busy for you!"
"I can do whatever I need to do!"
"People don't take from me. I give to them."
"I have enough!"

There are many more too. Just remember why we are doing this. The phrases we use that drain us are a habit. True as they may be, they are a habit. They leave you powerless and resentful for others taking from you. The phrases we use that lift us, false as they may seem, charge our battery and create opportunity that we couldn't see before. It was always there but our habits prevented us from seeing it. I love the value of words and the meanings of words. It empowers me. It will empower you too. 

Your identity isn't one of lack and struggle, although you may feel that at times, your identity is one of grace and gratitude. Power, strength, and beauty. I believe in you. Change your words and begin to believe in yourself! 

In the spirit of the holiday season. Remember, you have plenty to give, and telling yourself you don't, won't open the door to heal. Breathe, relax, you hold the keys in your hand. You can do anything! Don

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