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I bought a horse, now what?

Don Jessop

3 steps to go from here.

1. Sustenance and shelter.
Hopefully, you've already got a place to keep and feed your horse, if not, get on it ASAP. In case you already do have a place, look for a backup option. Most horse people are short sighted, intent on taking care of immediate needs. Clever horse people plan for contingencies. It's quite possible the barn you're boarding at won't be as friendly or helpful as they seem upfront. It's smart to know what to do next, in case something happens. My horses have a lovely home, here with me, but in case something happens to me, I've already designed a place for them to safely transition. Think one step ahead and your horse will thrive.

2. Health care.
Clean food in sufficient quantity, clean water, safe fences, they all matter. Also, you'll need to consider your horse's teeth and feet. Every six weeks your horse will need their feet trimmed. Every year or so they will need their teeth examined. Teeth and feet never stop growing on a horse, unlike humans. So they need constant attention. Find a good foot trimmer or farrier right away and don't be afraid to switch to a backup farrier if you're unhappy with their work or bedside manner. Do the same for a local vet. Get in your local veterinarian's system right away. They often don't take new clients on a whim. Remember, two options are always better than one when it comes to the care of your horse. That goes for boarding, vets, farriers, and trainers. Preparation is imperative.

3. Riding and training.
Not everyone gets a horse to ride a horse but most people do want that on some level. What you need to know about riding is it's not all about your experience. It's about your horses' experience too. A good trainer will help the horse enjoy the work with ample rewards and valuable bonding time. A poor horse trainer will simply try to program the horse not to make mistakes and deliver more consequences than rewards. You can train your horse yourself these days too. You don't have to rely on experts beyond the education you can get through online support or coaching. You can be the partner your horse needs, taking the time it takes to get it right. Don't be in a hurry with your training or riding. It only makes the experience for the horse miserable. Be patient, kind, rewarding, and clear in your boundaries. Everything a good trainer will do anyway. When the time is right, the horse will accept and even look forward to the work he does with you and for you.

You bought a horse, now you need to embrace the responsibility and joy it brings. Don't hand over the responsibility of care and training to a stranger without vetting them heavily. Your horse deserves a great life. You can give them that, and in return enjoy the magic of having horses in your life.

​​ Good luck on your journey, and in case you need it, we are here for you. Invest in your new partnership by taking our course.Click here Don.

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