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Human behavioral science has taught us there are generally five types of happiness.

One is the euphoric feeling of certainty that occurs when your live through a tough circumstance and begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Otherwise known as relief.

One is the sense of something exciting coming down the road. Like a vacation. Anticipation is energizing and can make a person feel happy and energetic.

One is the sense of ecstasy that occurs in the moment of thrilling experiences, such as roller coaster rides or sex.

One is a sense of belonging. Knowing that people love you. Almost nothing compares to this one.

And the last is a sense of pride, that comes from overcoming hard things.

You may have already guessed, given the order I've put these five concepts into play that the last is by far the strongest. Pride of self-accomplishment outlasts any other form of happiness.

It's not that the others aren't valuable and beyond amazing in their own right. It's just that, the last form of happiness simply out performs all the rest in regards to how long you feel happy.

Ecstasy is short lived. Certainty is short lived. Anticipation lasts a bit longer, depending on the circumstances. Belonging also lasts a bit longer, depending on the circumstances. But pride... Pride can last a life time.

I'm not talking about boasting. I'm talking about that feeling you get when you know you've done something hard. Something you thought you couldn't do and you did it anyway! You'll never forget that! Raising kids does that for parents. Earning a degree does that for college students. Getting a license to fly a plane does that for a pilot.

In fact, when you think about your past in a nostalgic kind of way, you'll always remember how fun it was. And... how hard it was. But the memory will be pleasant. You wouldn't trade it for the world. You more than likely cherish those moments of victory and struggle more than any other personal memory. Why? Because life is about living. Not just wishing. You are a mover and shaker. You are powerful. Capable. If only you could access that part of you more often.

So how do you make hard things fun?

It's easy! Focus on the memories you're making, instead of the shit you've got to deal with. Think about the beauty and majesty of the things your building or protecting. Think about the people you'll be able to pass your life lessons to. Think about the beings you're connecting with as you put your mind and body into challenging situations. And dare to crack a smile or even laugh, because this is life my friend.

When you lose focus, come back to it. When you keep losing your focus and can't seem to get yourself motivated. Come to us. We will help you win! That's what we do.

Don't wait to experience the life you want. Go out and get it!

Share, Comment and contact us with your questions. Can't wait to hear from you:)

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