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Horse's Eye - What you need to know

Don Jessop

Understanding how your horse sees, helps you understand your horse better.
Below we have ten interesting facts about your horse's eyes

Here are ten interesting facts about horse eyes:

1.Huge Eyes:
Horse's eyes are some of the biggest eyes you'll see on land animals, about 2 inches wide. These massive peepers help horses see all kinds of things around them, like spotting friends in the field or keeping an eye out for any sneaky predators.

2. Almost All-Around Vision:
Think of horse eyes like having built-in security cameras! They're cleverly placed on the sides of their heads, giving horses an almost 360-degree view of their world. It's like they've got eyes in the back of their heads – except for tiny blind spots right in front of their noses and behind their tails. So, they can see almost everything happening around them, which is handy for staying safe in the wild!

3.Everything Looks Bigger
With their big eyes, everything seems larger than life to horses!  Everything appears 50% bigger than normal. So, when they're checking out the world around them, it's like watching a movie on a giant screen – everything looks huge and super clear!

4.Eyes That Work Separately:
Horses can multitask with their eyes! Each eye can do its own thing, like one eye checking out tasty grass on the left while the other keeps an eye on potential playmates on the right. It's like having two helpers instead of one, helping them keep track of everything going on around them.

5. Zooming In Like Binoculars:
Have you ever tried to get a closer look at something far away with binoculars? Well, horses have a similar trick! When they spot something interesting in the distance, they can focus both eyes on it, just like zooming in with a camera lens. This helps them see far-off friends or spot any suspicious movements that might mean trouble.

5. Night Vision
Here's a neat secret: horses are like stealthy ninjas when it comes to seeing in the dark! Their eyes let them see in low light, almost like having night vision goggles. So, even when the sun goes down and it gets dark outside, horses can still see what's going on around them. No need for a flashlight!

6. Are Horses Color Blind? 
Believe it or not, horses are not color blind but have what's known as dichromatic vision. They're pros at spotting blues and greens, but they're not so great with reds or yellows. So, if you want a horse to jump over something, it's a good idea to paint it a color they can see clearly.

7. Blinking Super Fast:
Horses have a nifty trick to keep their eyes safe from harm – they blink super fast! They've got these tiny hairs around their eyes, and if something touches them, like a fly or a stray piece of hay. They blink in a flash to protect their eyes. It's like having a built-in defense system to keep their eyes safe and sound

8. Eyesight Development:
When foals, are born, their eyesight isn't fully developed. It takes a few weeks for their vision to get really good. At first, they rely more on their noses and ears to figure out what's going on around them.

​9. ​Health Indicators:
​Keep an eye on your horse's eyes – they can tell you a lot about how they're feeling! Clear, shiny eyes usually mean your horse is healthy and happy. But if you notice cloudiness, discharge, or redness, it might mean something's wrong, and they need a trip to the vet.

10. Expression:
Horses' eyes aren't just for seeing – they're also for showing how they feel! They can tell us a lot about what's going on for them. If a horse looks scared, curious, relaxed, or alert, you can bet their eyes are giving it away!

Stay tuned for next weeks article on - Can your horse's eyesight affect training? Thanks, Don.

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