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Don Jessop

Teach your horse to go, steer, stop or slow, and wait. That's it. That's all we do, and you can do it too. Simply work with your horse on a regular basis, to go any direction at any speed, steer any direction at any speed, stop or slow from any speed, and wait until asked to go again.

If you want to become masterful at training, there are a few other things to consider, like relationship building and bonding, balance and alignment, emotional energy management, lightness and responsiveness, flexion, elevation, compression, extension, position, and much, much more. Begin your learning from these Mastery Courses.

No matter what path you take, remember, always keeping things simple is what makes a person most effective.

I often stop my students during training exercises and ask them this question: What are you trying to do, right now? A typical answer, in the beginning, is... "I'm not sure." In this case, I simply direct them back to the simplest form of training and ask, "Are you trying to go, steer, slow or stop, or wait?" This always helps them gather their thoughts.

When a horse isn't doing what you want. It's best to stop and ask yourself, "What do I really want here?" If you can't answer in the most simple form, there is no way your horse will be able to answer you. Does that make sense?

Take this into the field with you and become masterful by mastering the most basic form of communication with your horse.

Please share, and comment below. I'd also love to hear your story. Tell me about your experiences with your horses, where you've learned to simply and get better results. Don

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