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Have you ever seen a horse go from a mild walk to a full on bucking fit, or bolting fit, or rearing fit? Why do they do that and how can we fix it?

In the video below, you'll meet Casanova, the wonderfully calm and unfortunately, explosive, black beauty, to learn more about it all.

What triggers the horse? That's the first thing you want to look for. There is no such thing as out of the blue. There is always something that precedes anything. Its just that sometimes its hard to see what that something is.

Is the trigger a flag, a plastic bag, a rope, a tarp, a whip, a car, a herd of galloping horses? Does the horse become explosive when he's standing still, or does it happen when he's moving at a walk, or trot, or canter? Does it happen when you go out on your own, away from your friends, or is it when they leave you behind? It's important to find out when the explosions are most likely to happen and what the stimulus is. You'll see in the video with Casanova, how we slowly discover the thing that upset him the most and you'll also get to see how I use a few tools of the trade to help him work through some tough situations and find some peace in the moments of stress.

If you remember nothing else from this video, remember this... Don't avoid the problems your horse presents you. Find a way to tackle them, otherwise you'll always be walking on eggshells, wondering just how much you can trust your horse in high energy situations. I don't want a sunny day horse. I want an everyday horse that works in every situation. Hopefully this video will give you some tips and tools to make your horse an everyday horse with nothing that upsets him or her to the point of losing control.


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