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When the main character in your life (which is probably you) stands in a room with closed doors leading to who knows where, and all you have to do is turn the knob to any door and risk finding out what is behind that door, what advice would you give that character?

Are you in a space in your life where you don't know what's gonna happen next for you? It's okay, neither does anyone else. It's rare to have complete certainty for the future. Are you playing a waiting game? No worries. So is everybody else. It's common to impatiently wait for new information to add clarity to your situation. We are all always seeking answers to our future. We want windows in those closed doors and when there aren't any, we get nervous. We want direction, sometimes to the point of just giving up our will to others, asking them to tell us what to do. One long, sad, hard day I stood at my father's grave asking him to give me direction. It's normal, even natural I suppose, to need certainty in our lives and eventually, thankfully, often with patience and often with persistence, we do get to see the next steps. But sometimes...

Sometimes, it's important to embrace the uncertainty. Call it "letting go." Call it "opening up." Call it "trust!" I like to call it "embracing the mystery," and it has given me freedom lately. I hope it can give you some too.

Embracing the mystery means this for me:

Trust it will be ok. Be optimistic instead of doomsdayish. Believe in good over evil, address the best qualities of humanity and celebrate them because tomorrow is unknown. I mean, why drag around all the baggage of yesterday and the people squealing like idiots today, only to be lost again tomorrow. Right a wrong with a right. Give credit where it's due. Believe, no matter how bleak it looks, that you can't know the outcome yet. Not fully. But you can know that you'll get through it, somehow, someway, because you're stronger than you think.

But most all. Embrace the mystery means letting go the things that you can't control and marching into the unknown with curiosity rather than resentment or fear.

Will you embrace the mystery of life with me?

Dare to live fully in uncertain times. In spite of uncertain times. Just say yes to this opportunity to embrace the unknown and I believe your life perspective will be even more free than normal.

Ps. Some people might ask what all this has to do with horses. Answer... maybe everything, because leading a horse isn't much different than leading a human ;)

Comments are welcome 🙏

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