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Don Jessop

Don is away this week, he has no idea that I (Rachel) am taking the liberty to write a blog post all about Don Jessop the Talented Teacher, my husband. Yes, I am biased, but I should be...

Writer: Don is an amazing writer. Yes, he comes up with and writes these articles for you every week. That are quite creative and it blows my mind.

Don is the most observant person I have ever met, he see's the world differently which gives him an edge. I remember early on when we were getting to know each other, his sight was not that great. I asked him "How do you know who is walking up the hill if you can't see that far." His response. "I can tell who it is by the way they walk." That blew my mind as I would have no idea how anyone walks.

Dedicated, Don would watch me ride my horse trying to figure things out and be there for me, again and again. He would notice things that I would not that helped me accelerate my progress.

Teacher, Don loves to help people. When he is not seeing results, he thinks about it and talks about it, until he finds a solution just for them.

Creator, Don is always creating, he created the horse mastery group, so he can share his knowledge with others.

Video Library and Courses, Don has been filling the video library with courses to help everyone and anyone to achieve their horse goals.

Don puts others first. This is a huge talent and I would be lost without his kindness and time. He wants to see us all succeed.

A horse lover and protector (or as our daughter would say, horse helper). Don wants to see the horse put first and communicated with fairly and clearly.

Don acquired a mustang this year, just to show people how to create a relationship with the horse using his four B's method. Hope you are enjoying this journey. (See our blog if you haven't)

I am thankful for Don and his dedication to people and the horse. I hope you appreciate him too.

If you have not had the opportunity to read Don's book or see Don teach, please take advantage while you can.

Thanks for your time and commitment. We as a team appreciate you.

PS: Please tell me your favorite Don story or how he has helped you with you horse.

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