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Don Jessop

So, you had a bad ride, or a bad day, or a bad week. So what? Who doesn't? Take a look at the big picture and realize blaming isn't getting you anywhere. Don't blame yourself, don't blame others, don't blame the circumstances. And... Don't give up! Don't get all dramatic. Just chill out for a second. Literally tell yourself... "I'll feel better in an hour or so, then I can think clearly again."

People make impulsive decisions because they are reaching for feelings rather than logical thinking. Feelings aren't useless. Quite the opposite actually. But they aren't everything. Logic must dictate more of your experience and logic says... chill out. It's not the end of the world. And in case I'm wrong and it is actually the end of the world, relax, there's nothing you can do about it anyway. Enjoy the time you have left and stop responding to the negative feelings that surround you.

I recently heard someone explain the word responsibility like this... "response-able," or, "able to respond." I like that definition. It implies you are capable of choosing your response to a stimulus." You are not strictly subject or slave to circumstances but a co-author of experience.

So, knowing that... it's nice to know you can "choose" to chill out. Don't let a bad moment ruin a good day. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Don't kiss goodbye to the things you actually love because they pissed you off or scared you for a minute. Hang in there, be responsible, and be resourceful.

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Don Jessop


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Don Jessop


Don believes every horse owner should have access to the Principles of Horsemanship and he shares them freely here.

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