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Don Jessop

Yes... sort of... and no.

They are wired to be hyper aware and can pick up on subtle, almost imperceptible cues from their environment, meaning they can sometimes sense what you're asking for before you feel like you're even asking. That's observable science any horse person can confirm.

That isn't what I'd call mind reading but it's still pretty magical when you think about how tuned in one would have to be to achieve that level of awareness.

Some folks have deeper experiences with their animals. Some folks believe their horse's ability goes beyond the subtle cue reading to something more spiritual. I haven't had those experiences myself. Most professionals like, not true for everyone, haven't. Perhaps it's because we aren't open to the spiritual connection like some who focus on horses without professional goals. Perhaps it's because it's not a real thing to "read minds."

Who really knows? Some people say they know... but can only back up claims with anecdotal stories and no data.

Here is what I believe... I think there are things happening we don't understand and can barely explain. There are stories that surprise us. Some people claim to communicate telepathically and spirituality with animals. I don't know what it is or how it works or if it's just imagined. But I believe there is more to life than meets the eye. I think it's safe to believe this and fine for others to believe something else. I don't think you have to take everything at face value and I also don't think you have to take the hook, line, and sinker. There can be some logical balance to what's evident and what's difficult to understand and observe.

Believing your horse can read your mind can enhance your connection with them if you're smart. If you're not smart it can actually lead you to very ignorant perhaps even dangerous places. What I mean is, if you're smart about it, you can realize your horse is more sensitive than you ever imagined and you should ask for things with more subtly and elegance, respecting their ability to pick up your ideas, sometimes, even before you activate your body to cue them.

On the flip side, if you're not smart about it, you can assume your horse knows what you want and is deliberately not doing it. Or worse you can assume they understand you and you put them in confusing and even dangerous situations because you misread their needs, thinking you're connected when you're actually not.

To summarize, I'd say they might be able to read minds but whether they can or not, definitively, doesn't really matter. What matters is that you treat them with dignity and respect. Respect for their mind and heart and respect for their moment to moment experience without assuming you know completely what's really going on. Learn to read every situation, there is a special kind of mastery in horsemanship when you become acutely aware just like a horse. And seek balance, let go of what you know, long enough to learn and grow, then, come back to what you know with a new balance and appreciation for life, horses, and yourself.

Thanks for reading, see you next week. Don

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