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Listen to this podcast with a student of mine and learn the true value of burning off excess negative energy (if your horse has it), before you ride

Unedited Auto Transcript of audio below 

The recording you're about to hear is coming directly off of my phone a speakerphone so it's recorded in an environment that's not
Really that greatest sound quality, but the information you're gonna get in here should be very, very useful
This is just a short part of a conversation and it's regarding a simple conversation. I had with a student who's working through
Getting her horses attention keeping it in the early stages before she rides her horse is extremely anxious
It's got his attention all over the place and is not safe. Simply not safe to be around
So we talked about burning off steam as a solution. There's a lot of creative ways
You can burn off steam. But the point of this conversation is
kind of reasoning with the value of burning off steam as a strategic possibility for
Working with your horse before you ride. So it's safe. So I hope you find this information useful and at the end
Contact us. We want to help you with your own questions
There are situations where it's required where you do burn off steam
But this is and this is what I think it comes from. This is where I think we we failed is
We told people
When you've got a calm horse
Don't burn off steam
Just check the horse is ride-able and go ahead and get on and ride. There's no reason to burn off steam
When when you've got an anxious horse?
Do these tricks and do these things and get their attention back and and connect with your horse?
You don't need to burn off steam
and that's where we went wrong is we should have said you do need to burn off steam, but
Here's where the normal as opposed to natural world went wrong
and this is why I think the natural world started to tell people not to burn off steam and that is
the normal world
Would burn off the steam
That was the thing that you would do before you write because that's what made us safe horses a tired horse
so they would burn off the steam and
then they would get on the horse and
The riding was no fun for the horse
So you have a tired horse that now gets an abusive rider on there
Maybe not consciously abusive but not thoughtful not rewarding not patient
Force the horse into situations that it does not like putting the horse away without letting the sweat dry and without bonding with the animal
So you have a horse that burns off energy and then hates the ride
so over time what happens is the horse gets stronger physically and
stronger and stronger and now he's a big big big mess to work with because
He's physically stronger and he still hates people and he doesn't want the ride
So now it takes 45 minutes to burn off the steam because you'd still have an anxious resentful horse
That's where the normal world went wrong is not in the burning off steam. That was a good idea
the normal world went wrong in not
making it
better in the riding situation
So what I would encourage you to do is say go ahead burn off the steam go do
50 laps of canter if that's what it takes until his lungs are heaving anything. I want to rest and
then get on and get on and bond with him and
do little tiny easy tasks and make the riding so simple and so rewarding that he thinks
You know what? I'd rather have you on my back then be on the ground working my tail off and
That's what makes the natural world. So successful
If you get that concept of what I'm talking about is that you burn off steam make the ride fun
rewarding and bonding
Versus burn off steam and then make the ride horrible. Now. You have a horse that burns a steam off burns the energy off
Wants to be with you wants to love you and then now his mental
Things his mental Brain. It's all working in your favor and you can
Get to the point where you don't have to burn off steam anymore because he thinks you know what?
Why don't you just get on my back? It's easy. I like it
and then at that point
You can start to develop
more and more challenging tasks and cantering and jumping jumps and riding through courses and dressage courses and
Yeah, now you're getting the horse physically tired
But you've got this mindset of being a Reward
Oriented Rider and so he develops physically and mentally at the same time in a really positive way
Versus tire his out, work his tail off while you're riding make him feel resentful and put him away
Yeah, I think it's a case of that where the pendulum swings, you know
All the way over here, all the way over there, that is like it's coming in the middle
Yeah, it's totally got to come in the middle because I think the natural industry
Like I said earlier just kind of screwed it up. They threw the baby out with the bathwater. They said
it's not you shouldn't burn you shouldn't need to burn off steam and they
Mislabeled it. They said you should if you need to, They should have said. If you need to burn off steam go for it
But make sure that after you do that everything beyond that point is rewarding and fun and bonding for your horse
so that he connects with you and he
Doesn't ever resent you and he loves you and he loves you while he's in a really positive
emotional state
when he's
Exhausted. Yes physically, but mentally he's focused and he's with you and he's attentive
And he learns that you love him and you bond with him in that state man. Whoo, that would be the perfect scenario
It's okay to burn off steam. You got an anxious horse
Take all that anxiety out the only real physical hazard in burning off steam
There is a physical hazard and that repetitive stress injuries where you circle to the left
For too long and he starts to develop an injury in his left front foreleg somehow
so it is important to
To change directions and add a little bit of variety into that big
exhausting sweaty workout
So that he doesn't injure himself
So I hope you found some of this information useful for you on your journey with your horse.

What I want to do now is invite you to join us
With your own questions send us an email
Email at or give us a call
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and we'll help answer your questions. We'll help get you on the path to success with your horse

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