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Don Jessop

If you could travel through time, would you go forward or back?

Most horse-loving people want to go back in time because, somewhere in our DNA we scream cowboys and cowgirls, or some other version of nostalgic horse riding experiences.

I've never met a rider who doesn't love the idea of relying on horsepower. Hopefully, we never have to again, but if we do, guess who's gonna be prepared? Yep. It's gonna be us horse owners with a passion for riding.

Preparing for the day we need horsepower again isn't really a great reason to ride but... remembering where we came from is the best reason I can think of. It's often the memory of our past, our roots, that we intuitively know we must stay connected to. It's the love of the old west, the countryside, and the life and energy of nature. It's those things that call us to ride.

So let's ride out together. Let's travel through time and remember how to escape screens and notifications and instant video. How do we do that? You might ask.

Go see your horse. Time will slow down again and within minutes you'll find yourself connecting with an animal instead of a screen.

The magic of being with horses' seeps into your heart. Take away the stress of winning the day and simply yield to the serenity of that big, brilliant animal breathing next to you or underneath you.

Thanks for reading. All comments are welcome. But specifically... I'd love to hear what you'd choose. Would you go back, or would you go forward? And why would you make that choice? Don

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