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Just look at her... she's been waiting all week for to walk out that door and do something other that picking up that fork and tossing that hay. She's bored, but you're too busy.

Your life is so full of "to do's" that you're missing your horse. Is that true for you?

If you are too busy to ride your horse, you're not alone. This world seems to be moving too fast. In fact, just owning a horse takes time that you didn't have to worry about when you we're a kid. As a kid you could just show up and enjoy the experience. As an adult, you literally have to create the experience. And you have to do that on top of all the other experiences you're responsible for too. So what are you going to do? Are you going to let the dream die? Or will you hold on to that dream of riding and being free to play with your beloved animals?

The obvious, almost obnoxious, answer to the problem is the idea of shifting your priorities so that you have the time for what you want. But let's be honest, it goes deeper than that. You're priorities are set the way they are for a reason. You can't just throw them out for new ones. You lead a real human life, with bills, dramatic people surrounding you, and a head swimming, almost drowning, in the flood of the information age. So what's going to inspire you to change?

Well here's the irony... Most of the time constraining conditions of your life, you didn't actively choose. Many of the actions we take in life are inspired. Meaning, outside forces generated a certain "need" to move in that direction. Is that fair to say? So this leads one, often invisible, yet very interesting solution. You need to be inspired!

Let me see if I can say that differently.

Your life, like everyone else's, has taken curves and turns toward time consuming activities, inspired by things from outside you. Therefore, if you want it to take turns toward the things you actually want, you need inspiration, from outside you.

And maybe this will help...

Instead of forcing yourself, through guilt or modest determination, to meet regularly with your horse, what if you could be a part of something bigger? What if you could dive into something so fun, so inspiring, so engaging, that you couldn't help but go spend time with your animals? What if the things you've always dreamed of doing, could actually become reality? I believe, this is possible! And, given your permission, I want to show you how. Take a look at our programs, in fact I encourage you to Join Us. It's risk free!

Here's what it can do for you:

Below are 13 definable benefits of joining us!

You can’t find it anywhere else: You can’t find what we teach anywhere on the internet. I say that because there is nowhere that supports the deeper psychology of horse human relationships that we do in this program. What that means to you is that you’ll begin to understand your horse better than 95% of the entire horse industry. Which means you’ll not only get more done, you’ll be getting the right things done. Which really means to you that you won’t be wasting your time doing things that don’t support your overall vision of what you got a horse for in the first place… So, In your opinion, would you say that having this kind of support would be valuable to you?

You don’t have to do this alone. I say that because you’re encouraged to bring a partner with you into this. Which means, If you’ve got a son, daughter, spouse, or friend that wants to join you on the journey, they don’t have to pay any extra. All they have to do is sign in when you do, they’re welcome to the conference calls too. Which really means to you that can save some more money and keep everyone important involved. In your opinion, would having the ability to bring your partner along, be beneficial?

You’re confidence with your horse will double and double again and continue doubling. I say that because when people work with us, they get more confidence, it’s one of our trademark services. Which means, you won’t be held back anymore by any kind of fear, which really means that you can see your dreams come true. So in your opinion would that bring value to your current lifestyle with your horse?

You will learn to do things that only a small portion of horse owners around the world know how to do. And the reason I say that is, if you go all the way, you’ll join the top 1% of all horse owners in the world because very few people know how to do what we’re going to teach you. Which means that you’ll be able to understand the deep psychology of the horse and the unique balance of the horses body and mind, which really means you will be able to be effective in any situations you can possibly imagine, including breaking through behavioral challenges and technical high level challenges. So I’m curious, is that something that sounds interesting or exciting to you?

Inside the private Facebook group we encourage engaging with accountability partners to support your own progress. And the reason I say that is because if you want to see progress quickly, it’s important to have someone else on your team. Now you can have multiple people on your team or just one favorite person. Which means you won't get stuck without that special someone you know and trust reaching out to you and checking in. Which really means that you will feel more motivated and excited to continue your journey. I'm curious, does finding someone to support you, not just as instructor but a real friend, someone on the same path, does that seem valuable to you?

You’ll have access to an ever growing video library that far surpasses any other library on the planet, including YouTube. I say that because YouTube and other platforms are search based programs that have no real congruence or step by step instruction and certification. Our video library does! Which means you don’t have to wander around, looking for a new thing to do, you simply click a category and start the journey. Which really means to you that your clarity and purpose with your horse will increase and you’ll see results right before your eyes. So, in your opinion, is there a lot of value in having a congruent, easy to follow map forward?

We’re going to invite you to work on you, not just your horse, which means that this program is bigger than just horse training. Which means if you want positive changes in your own mindset and your own body, in your own organization of priorities, we will support that. Which really means to you that there will be nothing stopping you from enjoying the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. And I know that sounds too big to be true, but we truly believe that helping you discover your own mastery mindset and healthy body is an important part of realizing the things you want. So in your opinion, this that something that’s valuable to you too?

We’re going to do live video conference calls every week, to help everyone with their questions and celebrate successes! And I say that because I know that the horse industry is truly lacking in that personal touch unless you spend the time and money for private lessons, but those are often limited as well, because you only ever see the world through your horse and your instructor. This goes far beyond that. Which means you’ll get to connect with other people and experience their success and strategies, and emotional breakthroughs, which really means to you that you’ll always have a safe place to meet and build on the things you already know. So I’m curious, how would having that weekly personal touch impact you?

Members of this group, also get something that we’ve been dreaming of doing for years. It’s a tuition free event, held right here in Montana that could be like an education vacation. I say that because we want to give people a chance to be inspired with exciting demonstrations and even get hands on experience in a group that supports each other, doing things that many of us only dream of. Which means you get to take a break from the grind of life and enjoy a weekend in the beautiful Montana mountains. Which really means you get to give yourself a huge gift that only costs your time and travel. We’re covering the rest. We understand that not everybody can swing a trip to Montana, but in your opinion, does that sound like fun?

When you finish a course, you get to certify your completion. - which means you get to literally say you’re qualified. Which really means you get the recognition of finishing something. I say that’s important for a few reasons, one, because it makes you a better leader for your horse when you know you’re competent and it also makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something grand. Mastery Horsemanship is full of grand aspirations and clear actions to reach them. You can prove you’ve done it, and you can clearly see where you are on the grand scale. Does that sound interesting to you?

Other professional input - which means you get to hear from the best of the best of the best because we're going to bring in professionals who really know there discipline at the pinnacle of performance. We want to give you that extra bit you’ll need to succeed, which means you get to join the elite, so to speak, in sharing knowledge and experience, which really means your life with horses will be enriched beyond what many people even dream of experiencing. I’ve had these experiences, I know their value, but in your opinion does having the ability to share and listen to other professionals who’ve really made it to the top, seem valuable to you?

With Mastery Horsemanship you get the entire map - over 20 different categories of horse training and mastery for beginners an elite riders, and more coming. Which means you will never get bored. You can literally certify in every category of horsemanship or, fine tune your experience in just a few. Which means your life with horses might just get a whole lot more fun. How does that sound to you?

One last thing...Spots are limited, the reason I say that is, not just anyone can join, only people who we believe are truly going to benefit from the process, and truly enjoy being around horses all the time are going get the most out of this group, which means you won’t ever be stuck listening to people who aren’t interested in progress, which means you’ll be in a community of people who you can relate to, likable people. And in your opinion, is that something that’s valuable to you? Don

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