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Are you more like a thinker or more like a reactor? Science has explained that we basically think in terms of strategy (left brain) or instinct (right brain). We've used this rudimentary model in the horse industry to analyze and determine a horse's state of mind and assess the next best plans to help train behaviors. As it turns out, we can use the same model to help our own species.

For instance, if the horse is left brain we can employ precision work and rewards to increase and enhance specific training models. Whereas a horse in a right brain (reaction) state doesn't respond well to food rewards, they respond better to comfort, clear boundaries and certainty that everything will be okay.

Using that model, you can determine the state of mind of the people around you. Do you feel like they need certainty right now? Do you feel like they need someone they trust to tell them it's all going to be okay? Do they need someone to tell them what to do? If so, that means they're using the right brain, reaction part of their brain.

It's okay to use that part of the brain. And in truth... everything will work out perfectly, trust me, trust God, trust people, trust yourself. Trust that you're capable of anything. Trust that we are all in the same life experience, which means no one gets left behind. No one is alone. At least that's what I would tell you if I felt you needed to hear it. Then I would look for ways to prove it. To prove that humanity always finds a way. That people work together and move mountains.

On the other side of the coin, do you feel like the people next to you are consciously analyzing and strategically maneuvering through today's challenges? If so, they're using the left hemisphere of the brain. That's generally a good thing in times of stress. It's what armies train their soldiers to do when the bullets are flying. It means you can see opportunities. You can see gaps in the enemy's armor. You can even see people in need and creatively think of ways to support them.

That doesn't mean you should always only use the left brain mode. Sometimes you should allow instinct to take over and guide your next move. Usually, it's more helpful to think first, react later. But occasionally it's useful to reverse that. For instance, if you want to make love, using your brain isn't the right direction for blood to flow. Allow instinct to take over and lovemaking becomes easier.

Of course, all this only works as a generalization. We all use our right and left brain hemispheres to make decisions so it's not fair to quantify a person's personality as strictly one or the other. However, stressful situations tend to bring out the best or worst in us. If you can see where a person is, you can step in to lead or guide the next best steps toward a positive outcome. You don't have to judge it or fight against it, you can simply work with it. Work together.

I reach out to you at this time to offer the best of me. Join me on a free video conference call this week. I'm doing one each night for the next 7 days from 7-7:30 pm mountain standard time. The topics are not about people, not about politics or religions. It's all about you and your horses (One of our greatest loves and passions). We'll be doing lessons, a different lesson each night, answering any of your horse related questions and taking advantage of the extra time we get to spend with our favorite four legged partners.

People often reserve evenings for Netflix. I'm asking you to reserve it for a short, entertaining, positive, social horsemanship experience that's totally free for the next 7 days. 

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