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Every single horse owner on the planet, who has horses in their life, has them to fulfill at least one, if not all, of these three goals. I call these the primary objectives.

The first reason is: to have a safe horse to ride around or down the trail with a group of friends. - In other words... It's a social, fun experience. If this is you... consider the Confidence Course. Start today!

The second reason is: to have an equine friend that can help you escape normal world pressures. Many people get horses to help them experience solitude and relief from the stressful world of work and other complicated human relationships. If this is you, you don't have to ride, or push yourself. Sometimes you just need to check out of the normal things and check into a more spiritual connection with nature. If this is you... consider the Confidence Course.

The third reason is: to take yourself and your horse to next level challenges. To advance to performing arts or even competition. If this is you... consider the Confidence Course.

If you belong to any of the above categories, consider the Confidence Course. the first few courses are all about safety. The later courses are all about advancing to the highest levels of horse training.
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Complete Confidence Course!

  • ​ Embrace the confidence to do anything with your horse.
  • ​ Step by step modules that build the confidence you wish you always had.
  • ​ Modules that rebuild the confidence you have lost.
  • ​ ​ Live lessons / Q & A sessions every month.
  • ​ Warm, supportive community.
  • ​ Get confidence on the ground
  • ​ Get confidence in the saddle.
  • ​ Master your inner dialogue.
  • ​ Give your body greater mobility.
  • ​ Grow your horse's confidence!
  • ​ Get your confidence Today!
Leadership and Horses

Leadership and Horses

Every Leader needs a Plan!
Uncover the 4B's Leadership Formula
and become the leader your horse deserves!...

Horse Mastery Journal

Horse Mastery Journal

Every Leader needs a Plan!
And now for the first time, there is a daily planner for horse lovers and trainers alike... 

Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide 

to Foundation Training

Every Leader needs a Plan!
A 34 step process, to help you and your horse have a great partnership and some fun along the way...

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