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Don Jessop

Hello all you fabulous readers! This one's just for fun.

One of my favorite poems is written by Chalsey Wilder and it's called, "Two Dead Boys." My mother read it to me as a kid and you can Read it here. It's all backwards. Every phrase comically opposes the first. Phrases like, "Back to back they faced each other," and "Ask the blind man, he saw it too."

Following up... my wife and daughter agreed to help write a similar silly poem about horses. All backwards, all just having fun. Hope it makes you smile!

Ladies and gentlemen, both lost and found,
I'll tell you a story most correctly unsound.
Of a midnight ride so bold, bright, and blurry,
with me and my horse in a slow motion hurry.
One dark night in the middle of the day,
my miniature draft horse ambled in for some hay.
Without speaking a word I began to talk,
of running to the barn ' fast as I could walk.

Through the big open door to a room filled with tack,
where I pulled out my saddle to ride bareback.
My horse, always aware of my manic state,
never failed to ignore me at an alarming rate.

I panicked and paced at the edge of the fence
while patiently waiting for this all to make sense.
At last, I bravely stood and sat on my horse,
only to be bucked off!!! I held on of course.

Off into the sunset, wet with morning due,
we rode all day 'til my feet were worn through.

We stopped at a dry creek for a long thirsty drink
and with water in our bellies, we began to think.

Where were we going on this meaningless ride,
so far from the ocean and close to the tide?
So we turned toward home and dropped to the floor
for a sleepless night on that bright sunny shore.

And when we finally awoke we noticed the time
Then raced back before the twelve o'clock chime
When we finally arrived, just before we departed,
with our minds understandably broken-hearted,

we shivered with relief from the harrowing ride,
completely discontented, yet... smiling inside.
At last, we stood at a distance, just inches apart,
knowing every good end can have a bad start.

It's a memorable tale we'll all soon forget
of that wild experience with my favorite pet.


in case you doubt my faulty tale is true,
it's totally fine, I understand, I'm confused too.

Comment below, you know I love hearing your thoughts. I hope to bring a smile to you face and a brighter light in our fantastic, strange world.

Blessings to you! Don

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