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Don Jessop

"A frustrated person looks like a predator and acts in inappropriate ways!" Don Jessop

These six tried and true methods used by peak performance experts, psycho-therapists, psychologists, great business leaders, and master horse trainers, will help shift your mindset immediately from a negative place to a positive place, making you the leader your follower deserves!

When you notice you're not feeling quite right (frustrated, confused, upset, angry, sad, nervous, offended, etc.), consider responding to at least one of the 6 ATTITUDE CHANGING SOLUTIONS below. Responding to one of the following six questions will make a difference in your attitude and leadership immediately, guaranteed! Each day will bring new challenges, so no one thing will make a permanent fix. But... each day you're presented with a challenge, having a quick list of things to do to make a positive change in yourself, will make all the difference in the world.

Here they are:

"I notice that I’m not feeling quite right…

Can I take 5-10 minutes for myself to breathe, rest and recover?

As blood pressure rises, thoughts become less clear. Breathing and resting will recover a healthy heart rate and allow clearer thoughts.

Can I get something to eat or drink?

The blood chemistry of every person on the planet needs minor adjustments from time to time. Taking a quick bite or hydrating your body will make huge differences in your mental clarity and confidence. I'm not talking about eating to avoid what you're doing. I'm talking about eating and drinking to give you the boost you need to get it done.

Can I slow down and break things into smaller, easier items?

Sometimes we choose goals that seem reasonable at first but as time passes, the level of anxiety increases for us or for our follower. If this pattern continues, the brain will not be able to conceptualize the end goal. Things can get worse quickly. Slowing down and cutting the goal down to a reasonable size will make rewarding progress much easier.

Can I stop and remember what I’m trying to achieve?

You have to be able to see the real meaning in any activity. What is it leading to? Why are you doing it? What's the end goal? If you can see the big picture it can help see why you're doing the smaller steps. Seeing the big picture will help diminish almost any negative emotions related to the moment. Take a minute, close your eyes, imagine your outcome, open your eyes and proceed with confidence.

Can I set a focus timer of ten to twenty minutes to help me get things done. Then take a break after that?

In our human experience, brain power is limited. We have thousands of things that demand our attention. People who get things done, don't multitask all the time. Some times, you have to get right down to business by setting a timer and deciding to focus, without distractions, for that period of time. Doing so will immediately change your attitude, partly because you will look forward to getting a break and reward after a focused period of time, instead of feeling like there's no end to the activity at hand.

Can I change positions, sit up, or stand up straight to make myself more alert or comfortable?

Bio-chemistry can change with simple postural changes. Slouching will cause the body to take in less oxygen and diminish brain power. Sitting up or standing up straight will increase oxygen and blood flow. Doing so will change your attitude within sixty seconds and give you a quick boost in energy and focus.

4 Things NOT to do:

Don't make whining, grumpy noises.

Nobody likes a whiner!

Don't sit, doing nothing.

Nothing great will come out of doing nothing.

Don't run away and hide from pressure.

Leaving any activity because it's uncomfortable will ultimately make it completely undesirable. You must stay long enough to end on a good note unless your safety is involved.

Don't talk angrily at another person or animal.

If you don't want to destroy your relationships, don't speak out in anger. Be a leader. Be clear, but don't get out of control, emotionally.

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