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I could list all the reasons you aren't riding as much anymore. Maybe you have been hurt, maybe you're getting fat, and it's too hard to climb up in the saddle. Maybe you're too busy. Maybe you think you're better as an armchair critic than as an athlete. But I'd rather flip the conversation to what will actually get you out the door again.

Number one: You're horse didn't ask to be put in a small space and then be left alone 360 days out of the year. He or she loves interactions. They love to get out and see new things. Horses need positive stimulus. Be that positive stimulus!

Number two: You're not getting any younger, which means you aren't getting any more confident, any healthier, or any happier, in many cases. Why did you get into horses anyway? Didn't you want to accomplish some big dreams? Didn't you want to canter? Didn't you want to ride off into the sunset? Are you really going to let those dreams go?

Number three: You've invested thousands of dollars to get to this point. Are you going to let it all go to waste? Was it all for nothing? Don't let the last year, five years, or ten years mean nothing for you and your horse. Think of the facilities you've invested in. The training you've invested in. Think of the equipment you've invested in. Is it all just going to sit around and collect dust? It doesn't cost anything to get started again! Just walk out your door and connect with nature. It's that easy!

Number four: Don't be afraid! Are you really going to let fear get the better of you? Do you really think that, just because it's hard, it's not fun anymore? Get ahold of yourself! You're stronger than you think. Realize, that figuring tough things out can be fun. (read How to Make Hard Things Fun). That's what most of life consists of anyway. Might as well make it fun! Make yourself feel like a million bucks because you did something awesome, rather than sit around watching other people do awesome stuff!

Number five: Time will pass and tomorrow will come. Don't let today slip away without doing something positive with your horse. I hope you realize, if you can't take time out of your life to see your horse. You don't have a life! You've got to prioritize some things to make it happen, sure, but maybe you'll find out that when you do, you'll have more time than you ever imagined. Maybe you can't right now. I get that. There are times I certainly can't. But if you can't put it on the calendar soon. You might soon discover that you are losing the very thing you set out to have. Don't let that happen.

Number six: Lazy people are unattractive. That's right. I said it. And now I'm scared you'll hate me forever for it. What I hope, is that it motivates you (if you are being lazy.) Don't be lazy! If you want to attract fun, energetic people into your horse life. Be fun and energetic yourself! Start today! Go out, find your lead rope and halter and teach your horse the 4 B's of Leadership. Then, after that. Take the next step. I'll even give you the next step. That way you'll know what to do with 100% certainty.

Clarity is Power!

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