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Because so many of my readers have been asking about this, I've created a video to show you the 5 Master Steps for Teaching at Liberty.

But... remember this: these are not techniques. Techniques can be interchanged. These are not rules. Rules can be altered or bent. These 5 MASTER STEPS to liberty training, are STEPS. That is all. Every master horseman uses these steps, even if they don't know it. They use these steps to master liberty with, or without a round pen. I'm talking about true liberty. The kind where you don't even use ropes for preparation or support.

Not that using tools to prepare for liberty isn't a good idea. It is! But what does it take to train liberty, without the round pen, or ropes. I'm talking about teaching at liberty, without ever haltering your horse. How do you keep a horses attention? How do you keep them off the grass? How do you get them to engage with you?

Take a look at the video below. You'll see how well my horse does in one space and how horrible he does in a new, grassy area. See the process. See the progression. See the mistakes and how I recover. See how I prioritize the steps to reinforce and continue the progression in new spaces, where things start falling apart and all he wants to do is eat grass.

I want you to memorize these steps because I guarantee, if you do, and put them into practice, you too can become masterful with liberty. Because liberty is not about footwork, or the horse respecting you, or any of that technical stuff! Liberty is about connection! It's about creating the desire in the horse to "want" to be with you and interact with you. Watch the video below and learn the master steps.

WARNING: I use treats. If you're the kind of person that avoids using treats because you think liberty is only about respect, consider reading this article: read here. What you see me doing in this video may cause you to think that you have to use tons of treats. You don't. But don't be afraid to begin with tons of treats, just like me, then as your horses attention to you grows, you're ability to do higher levels tasks in new environments without treats, will also grow.

Watch this video (about 27 minutes). I left it unedited for a specific reason, and that reason is this: Edited videos can give you a false impression of process and progress. I also want to be authentic with you.

Here are the steps you saw in the video, in order. Commit them to memory. and watch the video to reinforce their significance. If mastery is your goal, join me on the journey!

1.Look at me (face me)

2.Follow me (walk with or behind me everywhere)

3.Catch me (draw and come quickly)

4.Interact with me (engage with obstacles and speed control)

5.Progress with me (invite new challenges up to the highest levels)

Comment below, ask me anything, see you soon. Don

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